About For Real Democracy NZ Inc.


Understanding the terms

People power: The natural right of the people to oversee the management of the nations affairs.

Direct Democracy: Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda (BCIR)

Real democracy: When the people are the final authority. The people are sovereign, not their elected government.

Representative democracy: The election of a body of representatives – parliament.

Full democracy: When BCIR, followed by parliamentary reform and other changes, mandated by the people, create a society where everyone is truly free to pursue their own interests and accept the duties of responsible citizenship.


For Real Democacy (4RD) is an incorporated, non-profit society, With an elected steering committee.

It is subject to annual audit.

It is entirely non-partisan with no party political bias, religious affiliations or hidden agendas. Its only interest is the protection and promotion of real democracy.

All monies raised through the sale of the purple decals and other items is done on a cost recovery and donation basis.

Your donations will be used to:

  • Spread the people power message
  • Help create sufficient pressure to require our government to enact BCIR.


Contact us:

4RD Incorp. Society address: 137 Lodder Lane, Riwaka, RD3 Motueka, 7198, New Zealand.


Chris Salt, ph 03 528 4646  E-mail: salts@edensedge.co.nz 


 "Donations welcome"