What can we look forward to?


If the will of the people is heard and obeyed through Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda what would New Zealand politics and our democracy look like in the future?


Exaggerated and unnecessary controls engineered by politicians and bureaucrats are draining New Zealanders of their drive, potential, initiative and will to preserve our democracy.

Parliamentary decisions and laws that we the people of New Zealand actually want.

Politicians who no longer think they can break promises and do what they like between elections.

The virtual elimination of behind the scenes deals with special interest groups.

The right to vote will have real meaning and influence.

Retrospective action by the people to review past government decisions.

An end to politically motivated policies and laws that are not in the best interests of New Zealanders.

The collective common sense of New Zealanders will ensure we have a happier more prosperous country.

Introducing BCIR should create the climate and the means to institute further democratic reform, subject to the people’s will.

The present electoral vote is a devalued vote. A vote under BCIR is an effective vote.