A dying democracy


“Democratic theory needs only the modest belief that the mass of ordinary people [that’s us] are, in the long run, less likely to be wrong than any individual or self-appointed elite.”

Prof. Geoffrey Walker



“Today, with instantaneous shared information, the voters may know as much about what is happening as their representatives do and they will know it just as quickly.”

Prof. Geoffrey Walker The People’s Law: Initiative and Referendum.

Our democracy is now a charade. Most of us don’t trust politicians or political parties and for good reason. Election promises have been repeatedly broken. The huge advances made by democracy from 1850 to 1950 have all but gone. All that’s left is the right to vote. The upper house has gone, the Governor General’s powers have gone; the Executive can ignore the select committee process and half our MP’s are unelected. Stupid decisions made by our political parties have harmed our country. That is why we need Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda (BCIR).


Throughout history it has been people and not governments, that have made the real advances. Would the people of New Zealand under BCIR have allowed:

  • The sale of NZ’s strategic national assets to overseas interests ?
  • Committing New Zealanders to crippling inter-generational debt ?
  • Limiting proper food labelling and health food product availability ?
  • Binding us to UN conventions without our approval ?
  • Undermining democracy at local government level with the LG Amendment Act (2002) ?
  • Limiting growth and private property rights with the Resource Management Act ?
  • Lowering the legal drinking age, creating a teenage booze culture ?
  • Alien corporations to take billions of our dollars off-shore ?
  • Price gouging by monopoly power companies and Telecom (former national assets) ?
  • Ignoring referenda results that said we wanted a GE free NZ, stricter sentences for violent criminals, restrictions on the number of MPs and the repeal of the Section 59, anti- smacking legislation ?
  • Policies that have tragically created a significant underclass while allowing huge wealth inequalities to multiply unchecked ?
  • Giving Maori special rights under a UN convention ?
  • Loading the people with more taxes under an unnecessary emissions trading scheme (ETS) ?
  • Failing to deal effectively with the crime problem ?
  • Questionable changes to essential services (Health, education, welfare, defence) ?