FAQ: Frequently asked questions & objections

Suggested reading: Democracy for Dummies. This description of the Swiss system may answer many of your questions'...

Q. Why is BCIR necessary. If we don’t like our government can’t we kick vote them out at the next election?

A. Yes we can but in most cases all the things the government has done, on which we had no say, remain in place. The next government, may break its promises and usually does little to change what has been done. In the long run the will of the people is ignored and frustrated and your vote really counts for little. Also, many people have short memories and forget the things government did that made them angry a few years earlier. Politicians count on your forgetfulness. Under BCIR they will have to take the will of the people into account throughout their term.


Q. Won’t referenda end up happening all the time, at great cost to the taxpayer?

A. This has not been the experience in Switzerland and elsewhere. Having to expend a lot of time and effort getting over a hundred thousand signature to force a referendum puts off all but those engaged in a serious cause. The cost can be kept to a minimum by holding all referenda in one year on the same day. An inexpensive secure internet voting system may be possible. The small cost in being properly democratic and tapping into the common sense of the people is preferable to the far more costly mistakes made by most governments. Unless we have BCIR our democracy will continue to be a charade and personal freedoms will eventually be lost.


Q. Don’t the people lack the information they would need to make good decisions and can they be trusted to make the right decision?

A. The history of referenda proves that the people make remarkably good decisions. They are not duped by slick advertising designed to sway their opinion either. In this information age supplying the people with access to the views and information they need to make a good decision has never been easier. The argument contained in the question might have applied in an earlier time but there Is no basis for it now.


Q. Isn’t this so called Purple Revolution a waste of time, or worse still a money making scam?

A. It will only be a waste of time if Kiwis are too apathetic and fail to understand the real importance of their democracy. There is no scam. People Power For Real Democracy NZ Inc. is a properly incorporated society, subject to annual audit.